Hi everyone~

Sorry about the lack of updates lately. 2016 has…for the lack of a better word, sucked. Now in 2017, things have finally settled down enough to allow me room to reassess what my various online outlets need, and give everything a much needed face lift.

First things first. The store site is way, wayyy simpler now and I’ll be linking all my merchandise pages from this portal from now on. If you have trouble remembering how to get here, just type in skullfairy.com, click the store tab and Voila! It’ll all be there! Yeah, I know. About bloody time.

Secondly, and actually REALLY IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW (…Why is this not the first point?) I’ll be heading back out into Korea-land in mid February of this year for another physical break + merchandise update for whatever convention engagements I am still bound to. I’m going to be closing up the Tictail store during the period I’m away as history has taught me with ample clarity that…yeah I can’t manage the store while I’m out of the country. I neither have the man power to have it run en mobile nor the capacity to carry said stock halfway across the world “just in case”.

And so! This is what we’re gonna do:

20% OFF Store Wide SALE!

+ FREE Shipping on orders $50 & UP!

Sale active from February 3rd to 11th 2017.

The main Skullfairy store will go on haitus on February 12th for about 3 months…ish. During this time, all clearance posters will be axed entirely from our catalog (so basically once it’s gone, it’s gone~)

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